Ishi-Hana master

80be75_cb4dd4db7c7d4b0f8fe6aae4def58b8fIshi-Hana Master, operates Ishi-Hana meeting, In addition, Ishi-Hana Master,  planning a variety of workshops, run. Furthermore, Ishi-Hana Master, towards the various regions, increasing the Ishi-Hana Master. It is an important activity of Ishi-Hana meeting.[ 石花師一覧 ]

Ishi-Hana Master rules
– So that there is no day that does not touch the stone.
– Every day, we strive to spread and practice of Ishi-Hana.
– I strive always to be the model of membership.
– To announce actively Ishi-Hana work.
– Claiming to Ishi-Hana name during the work announcement.
– All the Ishi-Hana work of other people praise.
– Do not say anything against the denigration of the Ishi-Hana.
– Ishi-Hana demonstration request to accept all.
– If there is no request, selfish demonstration is not allowed.
– Than Ishi-Hana, give priority to family and work.

Ishi-Hana Master title acquisition rules

[Ishi-Hana Master] · Ishi-Hana Master is selected from the group consisting of assistant instructor or Ishi-Hana meeting members.
· Ishi-Hana Master is, by the recommendation of the existing Ishi-Hana Master, and then appointed by the Ishi-Hana meeting.
· Ishi-Hana Master is selected from those who have passed more than a year to join the Ishi-Hana meeting.
– Once a year, it will be announced the new Ishi-Hana Master at Ishige the beginning of the meeting.
And selection takes precedence over the contribution and participation frequency more than anything.

[Ishi-Hana meeting assistant instructor] · Assistant instructor, from the Ishi-Hana meeting member, Ishi-Hana Master will be appointed from time to time.
· Assistant instructor is able to deputize of Ishi-Hana Master.
· Assistant instructor, you can be sponsored by the Ishi-Hana meeting at any place as a certified assistant instructor.